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209 Mare New Collection Launch

When Federico asked if I would like to participate in their new photoshoot I jumped on the occasion, I had missed last years party shoot in St Tropez and not missing this one too. I have been following Federico and Gabriel’s adventure and expansion since late 2017 and love what they have created.  The brand was created in 2016 and has a mission to change how people think of beachwear.

They are hard working guys with a vision and are so kind. Working with them feels more like an outing with friends than work, especially when a pineapple is involved….


About the new collection

The 2019 collection is the largest collection to date. Every year they build on the products of the year(s) before and innovate on new ones.

The release of the towel hoodie called “Sea Master” this year is the biggest news, as it is a less formal alternative to the blazers and Tuxedos and come in 3 versions. The focus on tailoring and material sourcing is still primary. From the heavy, thick branded chrome zipper, to the piping and the cashmere-soft bamboo terry towel, they take no compromise.

This year they are also brining out the tailored graphic velvet t-shirts as well as a new variation of swim shorts from the Ibiza collection. The shorts are very Art Deco with the over the top piping and are our interpretation of leisure styled marathon running shorts. Most importantly, they heavily invested in developing a fabric for the interior mesh for all the swim shorts, one that is extremely soft and laced with elastane, so that the person wearing them barely even notices they are wearing anything at all, of course, not something that I would understand but I am sure it can be compared to a good bra wire…..

Also new is the limited edition chequered velvet “McQueen” Towel Tuxedo as well as last year’s version of the limited edition “Brando” but in the pique-shell Beach Blazer format.

And good news they have brought back the Bali Bleu Towel Tux and Santorini White beach blazer, both of which were sold out within a short period after last year’s launch.

So boys and girls you know what to do: get your order in now when stocks last!! I sure have!!! Now girls we need to push them to create bathing suits for us too….

Check out the photos below and behind the scenes movie click here BEHIND THE SCENE 2



Hair and make up : Claudio Piroso

Photography : Federico Uribe

Special thanks to Federico’s jeans…….


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