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An Angel in Cape Town

Wow that was a first

Being physically sick after buckram was not something I was planning on my Cape Town trip and fro sure a first for me.
It is true that I am the kind of person that will push herself even if I am a little sick or my muscles feel tiered, but in this case I was in good form and had no reason to think that I was dehydrated or that I would feel bad after a heated yoga practice.
This proves that no matter how fit you think you are if you do not keep properly hydrated and listen to your body chances are these types of situations will occur
What is funny about Cape Town is that it is particularly difficult to find a normal non heated yoga class and if you are not used to this type of yoga it can truly affect your body.

Cape Town is very competitive when it comes to sports and working out but it also booming with amazing workout brands like Yogo Shmoga or …..
In on day you can hike Lions head in the morning attend a yoga class at noon and finish off the day with a run on the sea point promenade during sun set, all in all you are in for a healthy treat, but this continues at bar and restaurant, as healthy and sporty cape townies are they also take they partying and eating as seriously as an olympic sport.

Being back int he city of my heart, a city that gave me so much, has been amazing and a perfect, 11h flight from London, interlude from the extreme European interlude. Cape Town is not only a sports freak town, you can visit amazing museums like The south African National museum but also laze on clifton or camps bay beaches and enjoy an amazing picnic and concert every summer sunday at the kirstenboch gardens. And dont get me started on the restaurants, I would need a whole page to list my favourite restaurants in town, like brunching at baked on regent, or lunching at Jarryd’s or Clarke’s and dinning at the trendy Villa 47, there is so much choice and it can actually get overwhelming as every table you sit at the food is amazing and yummy.

I discovered this city 10 year ago and so much has changed in those years, but the main thing that has changed is it is way more secure, of course each and every one of us need to take care but you can play volley ball in camps bay and run on the Sea point promenade with easy. It is also here that I learnt how to properly workout and take care of my body form the inside out, flying in from Milan for my first modelling season there was a shock as every model seemed so healthy and happy. I went from avoiding all kind of carbs to learning about quinoa, butternut, cauliflower mash and the amazing natural carb effects on ones health and body.

The key is to not over eat and again listen to your body and it’s needs

As I close my Cape Town chapter I embark on a new adventure in my home town, the glamorous town of Monte Carlo, of training hard and studying harder, while maintaining a full time job, in order to help other women obtain a balanced healthy life that they deserve with our ‘Hel’s Angels” concept that adapt training and diets to women only. I will try and keep time for some social activities too as this would be a waste while in Monaco

Watch this space angels.

Published article in luxury life international magazine

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