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Bedroom Plants

I finally got myself a plant for my room to celebrate my one year mark in the house

it was love at first sight…. He looked at me, I looked at him and there was no turning back, me and my Ficus Elastica ‘Robusta” were meant for each other… A part from it’s name, that sounds a little dodgy, it was a perfect match for me…. Indoors plant, no direct sun, only trouble is I have to water the hell out of it but that I can adapt to….

But if you are less of a spontaneous shopper like me, there are a couple of plants that are ideal for indoors decoration / companionship in the bedroom.

Lets see what can be recommended (note that my little one is not on the list but definitely one to consider if you are willing to water it every day)

Snake Plant

Yet another funny plant name for a bedroom, but this plant is easy to take care of and it emits oxygen at night time whilst simultaneously taking carbon dioxide. this will help with your nightmare nights.

Aloe Vera

Ok, well let’s say that if NASA has elected it the top air-improving plant, I think I will be going out today to get a baby brother for my (yet to me named) plant.

It also accepts being deglected, needs very little water and as the Egyptians named it the “plant of immortality”, it reproduces easily, the plant that keeps on giving.

Spider Plant

Yet an other winner with NASA, their research shows that it removes around 90% of the potentially cancer-causing chemicals formaldehyde from the air ( these chemicals are found in common household products like adhesives, grout and fillers)


Chlorophytum comosum variegatum

Gerbera Daisy

This has to be one of my favorite colorful, fun flowers, potted or in a vase, either way works.

Personally, I love them in a cool vase and switch them up depending on my mood.

Not NASA approved, but clearly used to prevent night apnea or allergies.

Peace Lily

The name is actually as attractive for a bedroom that the beautiful appearance of the plant. Again a NASA must have, with its air and toxin filtering. It also helps boost the room’s humidity by up to 5%,

Well, now I am totally confused, as each and every plant listed here provide different qualities and services….

I am going to end up sleeping in a rain forest at this rate…

But conclusion of the story you should definitely have a NASA approved plan in your room… and if you guys have a name suggestion for my “Robusta” don’t hesitate to comment below….


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