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Coconut Water

I can not get enough of Coconut water….. Especially after an intense workout!

This is an outline of what happens when you drink coconut water, after a week:

1. You’ll Strengthen Your Immune System

2. You’ll Start to Feel More Energetic

4. You’ll Notice Improvements in Your Digestive System

5. You’ll Lose Weight

6. You’ll Relieve Certain Types of Headaches For Good

7. You’ll Notice More Radiant Skin

8. You’ll Feel Younger

I personally have a preference in brands and this would be: Vita Coco Water.

It has a fresh taste and it is not too sweet. See below the nutritional information of Vita Coco:

(Insert facts )

You will find me using Coconut water and/or milk in all my smoothies but also on day to day basis with my cooking, especially coconut oil!

Recipes to come soon…..

For more info on coconut water click on the link below:

Stay Fit, Stay Blessed…..

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