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Cucumber Water

This is my total, absolute best…

I have always struggled to drink plain water and would actually forget to drink for the whole day… causing me to be dehydrated and my skin to break out…. then I found this amazing, refreshing, healthy, tasty way of drinking water!!!

The key is to buy a lightweight, easy to transport, reusable water bottle, that you can fill up during the day…

Before you go to bed, for it to infuse over night or in the morning, it will take you 2 mins to cut up 4 slices of cucumber, if you feel like it add some lemon and mint, and off you go!!!!

And this is also an amazing way to keep your body detoxed from all those free radicals that we are subject to all day!

Properties of cucumber for your body:

  • Assisting in the cleansing of toxin
  • Provides Extra Vitamins and Minerals
  • Brings Down Blood Pressure
  • Curbs Appetite
  • Soothes the Skin
  • Helps Your Muscles
  • Could Have Anti-Cancer Benefits

For more information and amazing cucumber water recipes, visit this great web site:



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