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Going back to my roots with Kevin

I could write pages and pages about Kevin and his amazing personality and talent! He is a breath of fresh air in Monaco, personally but also and most importantly professionally!

Young, talented and ambitious, he is taking Monaco by storm. I truly cannot wait to see him thrive and achieve all his goals.

When he asked me to be part of his photo project, I was very honored and going back to my roots of modeling finally felt exciting and fun. I stopped full time modeling because I mainly got bored, not so much of the photo shoots, as I had been blessed with fun campaigns, editorials and advertising, but more about the having to wait for 1 to 3 hours to see a client for a casting, the time-wasting in between jobs and the weight pressure, always skinnier, prettier and wrinkle free.

After 5 years of stopping full time, I now make sure I get in front of the camera for a good reason and mainly for fun.

And fun is definitely what we had during the shoot with Kevin, even though it was raining we made the most of it and I slipped into the most amazing bathing suit by Dida Swimwear, a Greek designer based in London, and braced myself for the rain, but the results were just amazing as Tim is a very talented young photographer, he managed to capture the image and in record time. Then again when you feel a million dollars because you are wearing a sexy bathing suit that is comfy but elegant and original at the same time, it helps with the result, at the end of the day it is all about team work.

I discovered Didaswimwear about a year ago and just fell in love with the brand, it is elegant, the materials are precious and the design so original, that it will make you feel like Hally Berry in a James bond movie! And the amazing and talented designer is a determined, ambitious sweetheart.

I did manage, in between the laughter, dancing and shooting, to sit down with Kevin to talk about his dreams and where he started off, well he was for sure a prodigy starting at age 14 experimenting on his friends hair, he then decided at age 16 to go to hairdressing school, where he learnt from a pioneer hairdresser! of course the best for the best!! He then went on to working at fashion weeks, on photo-shoots and participation in global hair styling and color competition, where he has been prized numerous times!!

Kevin, Tim and Eugene make an amazing creative and fun team to work with. They are all “go-getters” and I have no doubt that they will achieve amazingly.

Please follow their amazing Instagram accounts:

Kevin Hairstylist 

Eugene Make up artist 

Tim photographer 



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