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Louise in Luxury Life Magazine

You may have seen Louise Prieto modelling for fashion shoots and jogging around Monte Carlo on her morning run. But what makes this former Miss France runner-up such a likable, self- deprecating and cultured woman? What really are the ambitions of an international model after she has graced glossy magazines, acted in movie shorts in high-octane Bond-style speed boat scenes and car chases the world over for 10 years, and where can you go after those dizzying heights? Well, Louise takes it from here, and it is not what you expect…

After spending over 10 years working full-time as a model, I am now what you can call “a girl next door.” From my experience as a model, I have come to realise how important taking care of my body actually is. I now have some food allergies and intolerances because of the abuse I put my body through to be accepted into the modeling word.

But modeling was not all bad. Yes, you had to keep a speci c clothes size, but I spent 10 years traveling the world, making new friends, discovering what it was like to travel in a private jet and holiday on beautiful yachts. My best modeling experiences include working with wild animals in Milan, shooting with falcons in Amsterdam and going crazy on-set with the tennis champion Djokovich


Coming back to live and settle in Monaco was an educated decision. My family and closer friends were here, and while in South Africa, I realised I missed home. This town is the dream of so many people, and I get to live and thrive here all year round. It is a very small town, but I love Monaco, and it is so close to Italy and the mountains.

I have always written, ever since I can remember. I think back to when I was eight years old: I was given a beautiful notebook at Christmas. I wish I could remember whom in my family it was from, but I remember always having a journal and loving it. When I started full-time modeling, I kept a funny notebook with the castings sheet with comments by the side. I still have it and would love to be able to share it one day.
I am very excited to launch my new travel blog: lovinglifewithlou. com. With this blog, I especially want to show women that you can have a family life, stay in budget, work a 9 to 5 and still have time to cook healthy meals, work out and take care of your skin. You don’t need to be a yogi, a tness trainer, a nutritionist or a stay-at-home wife or mother to be healthy. The key is balance. My “peche mignon” are French fries, and I cannot go a full week without treat- ing myself to them.

When I moved to Milan to start my full-time modeling adventure, I was told I needed to lose 5kgs in 1 month, and my booker at the time made a list of what I could eat instead of what I should not eat. I put my body through hell and back. Over time, and through the advice of my professional sportsmen boyfriend at the time, I realized that you do not have to cut foods out; you just need to have a healthy balance.

That relationship taught me to take care of my body. The break-up taught me to take care of my soul and the traveling after taught me to trust my gut feeling. This is why traveling is so important to me, and there are so many different cultures and ways to eat that I crave to discover more and share with all my readers and followers.

When I casted for the movie Fuego with David Caradine, I never thought I would actually get the part, and boom, I got it! This opened up doors and gave me an amazing boost in con dence. My partner at the time was not too happy to learn that I was going to be trained in the techniques of shooting guns and doing stunts. I persuaded him by saying that at least I would be able to fake a ght while in Cape Town in case we got attacked. I think I made him laugh, but looking back, I’m not sure!

I love acting and being in front of the camera as much as being part of the production company, which is something I ended up doing for a while in Cape Town for the set building of The Last Face. But being in front of the camera is what I love the most; I become alive. So many people say, “You want to be in front of the camera for fame,” but actually, I simply love it. I’m not that bothered about hav- ing to use secret names when checking into a hotel. Then again, who would not want to have a laugh and check in as Snoopy or a Minion!
I love to write and I love to make people laugh and chuckle, but I also want to have a positive impact. I have learnt throughout my travelling years that the most important thing is to be yourself. You do not need to put a mask on just to please people. If they want to stay around, great. If they leave,

then that is great too. You don’t have to waste your time pleasing a person whom you will never be able to truly please. Being true to yourself

is the most important action for a healthy bal- anced life.
I am so excited to launch my new blog, as I will be working with Luxury Life International magazine further and feeding into their exciting brand partnership programme, helping businesses with a focus on travel and lifestyle to reach an even bigger audience. Even now, plans are in place to review many of the delights that the French and Italian Riviera have to offer.

The aim of my new blog is to convey what it’s like to travel and to stay t as I explore some of the world’s most beautiful destinations and take you along with me through my blog with regular Q&As. I will make it interactive as much as possible and let you into my life. After all, I am just the girl next door.

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