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Monaco Grand Prix

As you all know by now, I grew up here in the heart of Monaco, well actually the outskirts, as my parents preferred to live in a house than a small apartment, but nevertheless my childhood activities and most of my schooling were based in Monaco, and one of them was the Grand Prix of Monaco. I remember the buzz it would create in the city and the noise of those loud cars, people flocking in from all around the world, the stands being built little by little during the course of a month, that would transform a simple glamorous city into a glamorous race track. That excitement has never left me and every year, even though I have missed some over the years, because of traveling and work impediments, I always look forward to that buzz and excitement the Grand Prix generates in my city!

You must be wondering, why is a girl raving about F1? Well yes I am a women and love fast cars, and there are many of me out there and I think my worst memory of this amazing event was in 2014, when all of a sudden those

amazing F1 cars became as silent as a Star Wars pod, and a commercial Ferrari became louder. I mean really what genius made that decision, but thankfully they made changes since then, but still not as close guys, not cool…..

What they did not take away was the vibe the city has during this time. It has actually gotten crazier, if you have ever experienced Ibiza in high season then you will understand what I am talking about! Every restaurant, club, pop-up club and street party try and outdo themselves, that goes for the menu prices as well. I swear they pay more money to change their menus for the 4 crazy days than they spend on replacing their cutlery every year! But I guess they find profit in one way or an other. The key to all these parties and seeing the races, is to choose wisely when and where to go, and keep healthy and hydrated enough to get through the weekend of course! Because the drinking does not only start at night but the Blinis and Champagne start flowing as soon as the cars start their

engines, and believe me it is early, if you think you are going to lie in, then you have something else coming! I have a tradition to hike up to La Turbie at least once, to hear the cars from the mountain, my other tradition is to have a big enough water intake while sipping on Champagne! You can watch the GP in the stands and boil to death or get soaked, if it is raining; watch it from a boat and actually not see much at all or watch it from a terrace and fight your way to the front to get a glimpse of a car passing by at 220 Ks/h, the best one I have found so far is to chill out at the Nikki Beach pool and watch it on a big screen, I chose the F1 trials and the Porsche cup race day on the Thursday as the Sunday they kill you with the prices, but still an amazing experience and day!

The ultimate experience is to be as connected as a “power station” and find paddock passes for both days, I mean really Jordan, thanks for the invite… love you my friend but next year think big, hint hint….

The highlight of the weekend has to be the Sunset closing party, from the crazy British that do it in pink suits, the barely out of high school kids and the rich and beautiful, crammed onto a small beach partying and spraying Champagne onto each other, it is one of the times in this city where all kinds of people come together for one reason and do not seem to judge each

other. Ops I nearly forgot of an other highlight, of course bumping into James while he was walking out of the most private party of the week end, you jet setter! Yes I do look a little tired in that picture but Monaco Grand Prix sometimes comes at a cost!

Jokes apart everybody experiences the Monaco Grand Prix differently but the main thing is we are all in the city for the same reasons and everybody has a smile on their faces for the same reason! Bring on GP 2018

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