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Summer in the South of France

Well it’s never a bore in the south of France during the summer! You tend to get so many invitations that you have the choice between partying in St Tropez, ­spending a day on a yacht, Monaco roof-top birthday parties and so on… or staying healthy and ­going on hikes and working out.

Tough choices as a professional that has to wake up every morning and go to work!

I actually traded a fun day in St Tropez one ­Sunday to attend, what ended up to be, an ­amazing day with Nitasha Sarin and her ­Empowered 360° day. We started the day with a guided ­meditation that sets you up for ­tapping into your fears and insecurities, ­followed by a guided questionnaire.

I have to say, it was eye-opening. The potential that each and every one of us has, and it made me wish I could have attended her week-long seminar in Tuscany this September.

But this was a turning point for me to decide to join the 5am club, most of you must be wondering what the hell is the 5am club, well I had heard about it for a while now and always ­wanted to try it out, and it was now or never to get started.

This is what it’s all about:

5 am to 8 am are hours when one has least ­interruptions, and the mind is blank and full of ­potential. Apple CEO Tim Cook and ­Disney CEO Robert Iger both get up at 4.30am. ­Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group, is a dedicated believer of the 5am club. ­Motivational guru Robin Sharma, who’s ­writing his book The 5am Club, says our most valuable hours are 5 am to 8 am. Sharma explains how we can all ­inculcate this habit. Take baby steps at first and start to aim to wake up once or twice at 5am for the first couple of weeks.

Try and not eat after 7pm also! but this can be tricky, especially in summer…

Don’t lounge in bed and get up straight away.

Workout in the morning or in the evening, this will help with your energy levels.

Set your alarm 30 mins before it’s set to go off (example if you aim to get up at 5.30am, set the alarm at 5am), this has always worked for me, I am the Snooze queen for sure.

Set yourself a goal for the extra hour you will be awake. Using the 3 times 20 mins can help you.

Learn another skill or work on a dream you have for yourself; sculpture, painting, piano …

I actually have spent my 2 free hours meditating, reading, writing and still have time for my 45 minute outdoor run or morning yoga, before I have to get ready for work at 7:30 am!

Routine is for sure key but then again I live alone, no kids and no pets… so everything for me sounds easy and I can hear most you ­thinking yeah right how am I going to manage that with having to feed the kids, walk the dog and get myself to work…. well even if it is only 30 mins just for you, before everybody is up, it could change your life… just try it out!

Funny enough since I started this 5am wish ­routine, I find my mind is clearer and I have more energy. Ok not the first week, where I had to take 30 mins lunch naps, but it is crazy what your body can do when you train it!

It has also helped me get over all the stress I was under for the past 3 weeks, as I have ­started meditation again… I had to move flats at the last minute because of an unforeseen ­situation, ending up at the emergency room while ­moving, because I am the clumsiest person… even with a cool neck-brace!

But after all these changes in my life and the stress, I still managed to have fun at the ­amazing and best make-up artist in town, Joe’s ­crazy fun yellow-themed birthday bash, spend a ­week-end in St Tropez with the girls, ­celebrate my ­birthday party at Nikki Beach, ­celebrate my dear friend’s 70’s themed birthday party in ­Anjuna, catch up with my Tanzanian based friends at Nobu and chill by the Metropole pool with my dear friend Christine. Unicorn Style!

Let’s see how this 5am club goes, stay tuned for more adventures…

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