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The Monaco Detox Challenge

If you have been following me, by now you must know I love fitness, healthy foods and a healthy lifestyle. Of course, I still love wine and cheese, but all in all I lead a pretty healthy life.

One sunny Sunday afternoon, our editor James came up with the brilliant idea to challenge me to try something new each month. I was scared, and rightfully so. He said, “Louise, I would love to go on a detox, but I’m not sure about the side effects and discomfort I may feel; could you try it out first and let me know how it goes?” I thought, Man, why did I ever become friends with this guy?

Unfortunately, I can never resist a good challenge, so I hopped onto the internet in search of a good detox diet. Words cannot describe what I found, from the crazy maple syrup cleanse and the juicing diet to the cabbage diet. (Only eating cabbage? Even rabbits have more diverse diets!) Then my friend Maddi popped up on my social media page advertising her 10-day detox diet, and I jumped on that wagon. I figured that since she was my friend, she wouldn’t let me starve to death!

After spending over an hour and way too much money at the organic grocery store in Monaco, I was ready to detox for the next 10 days! By the end of the afternoon, as the sun disappeared over the mountain, my kitchen looked more like a war zone than a perfect cook’s work station, but I had all my yummy dishes ready and could not wait for the next morning to start !

The first few days were warm breakfasts with chia seeds, fruit, coconut milk and oats, instead of my two hard-boiled eggs. This enabled me to stay full till lunch for once, and I already felt my metabolism rev up ! The key to success for the lunches and dinners seemed to be cayenne pepper and hot peppers, as they boost your metabolism and immune system, and by day 5, I had more energy than a hummingbird. The zero-alcohol tolerance in the diet came became a challenge on day 7 at my friend’s Sunday BBQ, but I just pretended that my water was a special magic wine and watched everybody go into a drunken haze. It was surprisingly easy as I knew I would be the only fresh one at work the next morning!

Having skipped the last Sunday afternoon preparations, I was a little behind and had to cheat my way through lunch on day 8 and opted for a healthy salad at a local restaurant and stayed away from bread. I even refused to eat the desert that came free with my salad! On the last day, I felt sad that I would no longer be getting daily emails from Maddy, encouraging me to stay on the right path, but I knew I would have all the recipes to keep and would continue at least with the breakfast ones on a daily basis! I have to say that staying away from the alcohol, processed carbs/gluten and sugars made a huge difference in my energy levels, my skin’s appearance and my body shape.

I would recommend trying it out and seeing the positive effects that come by avoiding these types of foods and replacing them with natural carbs and sugars. James, now you know what to do…

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