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Town House refurbishment project . Mallorca.

When taking on this project, I sincerely did not know what I was putting myself into.

After months of redesigning the 3 story house and a couple of back and forth with the architect, we finally got the planning permission to start the works. Note that in Spain everything is “Manana” in Mallorca it is “ Despues de Manana” (after tomorrow maybe) Starting the works 4 months late was not the best plan ever but happy to even get all the permissions at all.

The main change were the doors, this is what took time to approve, as all windows and doors were being changed and 4 openings were being created to house small windows for the new bathrooms, access to the garden area and a beautiful opening in the lounge.

After gutting the place and stripping it back to it’s shell, the longest and most tedious part of the job was to make sure all the extensions and openings were spot on and all electrical outlets were correct, as the interior decorating depended on this. All spaces and corners were meticulously thought of and utilised.

After 18 months of hard work, scrap yard searching, 4 months delay and a little over budget, because of the pool, I am so proud of the result of this town house in a small town of Mallorca.

Images speak louder than words so I will leave you with the images.





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